I am primarily motivated by a desire to communicate emotion and share intimacies through form.  I search to give shape and physical substance to thoughts and feelings that I harbor and encounter, but fail to successfully express through verbal language.  The results are biomorphic forms that exist somewhere between abstraction and representation.

I sketch forms in 2 dimensions then hand build with clay in 3 dimensions- sometimes staying close to the initial sketches and other times working organically, letting the form take on a direction of its own.  I often sew thread into the hardened clay forms and play with its ability to express tension in order to communicate feelings of existential anxieties.  The thread acts as emotional fibers that pull tight and bind the forms to themselves while acting as drawn lines in space.

If my forms are thoughts and feelings, then where they reside must be the mind.  Thinking about architecture as a metaphor for the mind, I make site-specific installations in intimate interior spaces like a kitchen or a closet and incorporate my forms into its nooks and crannies.  I like thinking about dormant feelings in relation to hidden spaces and meandering minds in relation to maze-like architecture.  If one were to step into someone’s subconscious, what might it look like?  If one were to open the door into a secret corner of a mind, memory, or dream- what might be there?  With thoughts like these, I go back and forth between the familiar and the surreal.