I’m interested in exploring my desire to express, discover, and invent inner worlds and psychological interiors.  Using architecture as a metaphor for the mind, I build sculptures and installations led by thoughts such as- If one were to take a glimpse into her own or someone else’s crumbling mental state, what might it look like; If one were to open the door into a hidden corner of her own or someone else’s mind, memory, dream, or subconscious- what might she find?

I am interested in the private self and feelings that often arise with inward looking, such as- self doubt, shame, suffering, and other human existential struggles.  I am inspired by these emotions and I make forms that intend to represent these emotions.  Sometimes these forms are gender neutral and other times they tend to be more female.

In terms of materials and technique, I often use mirrors to distort spacial perception and to disorient the viewer.  I also use thread, string, and cables to represent emotional fibers as well as physical filaments growing out of the body beyond just hair- like antennae or feelers that are sensory and expressive.